2018 Telehealth Trends You Need to Know

What are the emerging technologies and new regulations that will shape telehealth going into 2018? What are important lessons we need to learn from 2017?

Join us as we kick off the 2018 season of Telehealth Failures & Secret To Success with Kristi Henderson, pioneering telehealth leader and VP of Virtual Care & Innovation for Ascension-Texas. Find out the health innovations of 2018 that are exciting her!


  • Important telehealth technology to watch out for in 2018
  • Major regulations that may be affecting telehealth in 2018
  • 2017 industry trends to learn from going forward

About our Speaker:

Kristi Henderson, VP for Virtual Care & Innovation for Ascension-Texas Ministry and Clinical Professor of Population Health at the UT-Austin Dell Medical School, is a healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience. She is a highly respected innovator, health advocate, educator, researcher and clinician.

Prior to Ascension, she was the Chief Telehealth & Innovation Officer at UMMC (Mississippi), where she led the development of a statewide telehealth program that is recognized as a national model. Henderson has testified before the U.S. Senate. She also holds board membership for the American Telemedicine Assoc. and the appointment to the Texas HHS eHealth Advisory Committee.

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