How to succeed at cash-based telepschiatry: 10 Worst Fears That Never Came True

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Friday, July 13, 10am PDT

Is starting a cash-based private practice your best way to gain practice freedom and be empowered to treat patients without getting second-guessed by middlemen?

Whether pharmacist or physician, switching over can be scary. And is it really worth the trouble? Join our guest Chris O'Brien, PharmD as we discuss why he decided to go completely virtual and cash-based. Learn how he has built a thriving private practice and how he overcame his worst fears about doing telepsychiatry.  

Get practical tips on finding the right tools and technology, navigating telehealth regulations, recruiting, and marketing to potential clients.


- Pros & cons of cash-based telepsychiatry

- Most important considerations when switching over

- Practical tips on getting started with your virtual practice


Dr. H.R. Christopher O’Brien, is the founder of TherapyWorks.Tv - a pioneering private telepsychiatry and pharmacy consulting group. He is a board specialist in Psychiatric Pharmacy, and an Advanced Practice Pharmacist. He is also an original co-founder of the Bio-Behavioral Consultation Clinics and has consulted for the Regional Center system for 19 years and at the Sonoma Developmental Center with a focus on developmental disabilities and child adolescent psychiatry for 7 years.  

Previously he was the Director of Pharmaceutical Research at NuGene Biopharma, managing clinical trials and the development of new topical products. Dr. O’Brien received his Pharm.D at the University of the Pacific and is also certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. His current focus is the delivery of psychiatric medication management through Telemedicine.